2018 The second reconstruction of the website.
The ongoing expansion of this website forced a lot of changes in the structure of the database. It was redesigned and created from scratch so that it could be expanded to any extent at any time in the future. The area under consideration was first expanded to take in the whole Palearctic, and now the whole world. Hence, the website is now named Lepidoptera Mundi.
2011 The website's first reconstruction.
After the website had been in operation for a few years, it was equipped with a new user interface, most of the libraries were updated and a few new functions were added.
2006 The range of species was expanded to Europe.
All the species described by Fauna Europaea were included.
2005 The first version in PHP language.
With PHP a range of hitherto inaccessible interactive options became available. The area under consideration was expanded from Poland to Central Europe and the website's name was changed to The Lepidoptera of Central Europe.
2004 The first Internet version of the database.
Created by reconstructing the original version, it enabled static html files to be generated with the names of species. The new website was entitled The Lepidoptera of Poland.
2002 The first version of the database.
Written in MS Access, it contained brief information on the butterflies of Poland, initially created for the personal use.