Lepidoptera Mundi (formerly European Butterflies and Moths)
The Hungarian Lepidopterological Society, the Entomological Society of Luzern (Switzerland) and Lepidoptera Mundi announce the 18th European Moth Nights for: 2021-09-02 - 2021-09-06.
As in earlier years, the programme has several purposes:
  • Once again, connections and community work deserve prime emphasis. In previous years, this project managed to bring together a large number of European lepidopterists, conservationists, hikers, and many other people with an interest in a few days of wide-scale cooperation.
  • We wish to present a wide-ranging snapshot of the macro-moths flying in a given period of time, with particular attention to species possibly or currently needing protection and those traditionally considered as migratory species.
  • The data and the results obtained as well as their evaluation are to be made available to the general public. It is important to emphasize that we publish all the results of the programme; we don't just gather data.
All details about European Moth Nights you can find here.
Detailed information is also provided by EMN ambassadors in individual countries.

Welcome to Lepidoptera Mundi - the online guide to the World’s Butterflies and Moths. It has been created as an extension of the previous version of the website known as European Butterflies and Moths (see the website history).

Lepidoptera Mundi is an open project – everyone can join the contributors team and help the authors to create well-illustrated and easy-to-understand species pages. If would you like to help us - please register yourself and start adding photos and information online.

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For historical reasons, the European and Palearctic species are quite well documented. To see all the features of the website, please select Europe or Asia first. The new regions like the Americas, Africa or Australia need your support and are awaiting your help

The website currently contains more than 49k species and subspecies and is continuously extended and updated. To allow you to browse the huge number of taxa, a regions system has been created. It allows you to filter the species list for a specific area, e.g. Africa or North America. You can browse species in four view modes: thumbnails, images, list or tree. You can use also a lot of different tools like advanced search, compare species, UTM map, lunar calendar or record your sightings from any country in the world. It's also possible to create your own gallery and share your photos with other people.

If you would like to send us some feedback or comments, please fill in the contact form.

Christopher Jonko

2021.09.04 Website update
What's new:
  • large systematics update,
  • new languages added - Croatian. Mladen Zadravec - thank you very much for your patience and big piece of work :-)
  • added more than 400 new species,
  • added more than 600 new thumbnails,
  • user accout edition fixed (avatar upload).