Lepidoptera Mundi (formerly European Butterflies and Moths)
European Moth Nights is a cyclic event that consists of observing and collecting information about moths (Heterocera, Macrolepidoptera) in the same time period throughout Europe.
Portal Lepidoptera Mundi together with the Department of Invertebrate Zoology and Hydrobiology and Faculty of Biology and Environmental Protection, University of Lodz (Poland) continue the project started in 2004 and initiated by Hungarian and Swiss Entomological Societies. This year's 19th edition of this event is scheduled on 28th April - 2nd May.
We count on the help of entomology societies, groups, organizations as well as amateur entomologists who care about biodiversity protection. Each year we have 5 days for carrying out observations. Data can be collected on one or more designated days in one or more places. We encourage you to take part in the initiative and we count on your help.
The records can be added online or offline using a Excel template. The completed Excel sheet should be sent by the deadline of September 30, 2022.
More information about the European Moth Nights event you can find here.

Welcome to Lepidoptera Mundi - the online guide to the World’s Butterflies and Moths. It has been created as an extension of the previous version of the website known as European Butterflies and Moths (see the website history).

Lepidoptera Mundi is an open project – everyone can join the contributors team and help the authors to create well-illustrated and easy-to-understand species pages. If would you like to help us - please register yourself and start adding photos and information online.

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For historical reasons, the European and Palearctic species are quite well documented. To see all the features of the website, please select Europe or Asia first. The new regions like the Americas, Africa or Australia need your support and are awaiting your help

The website currently contains more than 49k species and subspecies and is continuously extended and updated. To allow you to browse the huge number of taxa, a regions system has been created. It allows you to filter the species list for a specific area, e.g. Africa or North America. You can browse species in four view modes: thumbnails, images, list or tree. You can use also a lot of different tools like advanced search, compare species, UTM map, lunar calendar or record your sightings from any country in the world. It's also possible to create your own gallery and share your photos with other people.

If you would like to send us some feedback or comments, please fill in the contact form.

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