Lepidoptera Mundi (formerly European Butterflies and Moths)
European Moth Nights is a cyclic event that consists of observing and collecting information about moths (Heterocera, Macrolepidoptera) in the same time period throughout Europe.
Portal Lepidoptera Mundi together with the Department of Invertebrate Zoology and Hydrobiology and Faculty of Biology and Environmental Protection, University of Lodz (Poland) continue the project started in 2004 and initiated by Hungarian and Swiss Entomological Societies. This year's 19th edition of this event is scheduled on 28th April - 2nd May.
We count on the help of entomology societies, groups, organizations as well as amateur entomologists who care about biodiversity protection. Each year we have 5 days for carrying out observations. Data can be collected on one or more designated days in one or more places. We encourage you to take part in the initiative and we count on your help.
The records can be added online or offline using a Excel template. The completed Excel sheet should be sent by the deadline of September 30, 2022.
More information about the European Moth Nights event you can find here.

欢迎来到世界鳞翅目 - 世界蝴蝶和飞蛾的在线指南。它是以前版本的欧洲蝴蝶和飞蛾网站的扩展 - 请参阅网站历史。

世界鳞翅目(Lepidoptera Mundi)是一个开放的项目 - 每个人都可以加入到贡献者团队,并帮助作者创建良好的插图和易于理解的物种页面。如果您想帮助我们 - 请注册自己的账户并开始在线添加照片和信息。

由于历史原因 - 欧洲和古北极物种的记录非常好。要查看网站的所有功能 - 请先选择欧洲或亚洲。所有新的地区,如美洲,非洲或澳大利亚都需要您的支持,并在等待您的帮助

我们的网站目前包含超过 49000 种和亚种鳞翅目昆虫,并在不断扩展和更新。为了允许您浏览大量的分类单元,已经创建了区域系统。它允许您过滤物种列表,从非洲到北美等各个特定区域。您可以在四种视图模式下浏览物种:缩略图,照片,列表或分类树。您还可以使用许多不同的工具,如高级搜索,比较物种,UTM地图,农历或记录您来自世界任何国家的目击。也可以创建一个自己的图库,并与关注相同兴趣的其他人分享您的照片。


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