Lepidoptera Mundi (formerly European Butterflies and Moths)

Creative commons license support has been implemented for all photos presented on the website. This means that each user whose photos are available on the website can specify in a clear and legible way on what terms they can be used.
To set the right type of license for your photos, go to account settings and select one of the variants available under the CC license.

NOTE: changing the photo licensing model is a one-time change - after saving the changes, you will not be able to change the type of license granted. For details on Creative Commons licensing, visit creativecommons.org

Until you change the license variant, all your photos presented on this wesite will have the ©All Rights Reserved attribute set by default. If you notice any problems in the operation of the licensing system - please contact me.

After a longer than usual break, I invite you to vist the website after the update. Below is a short list of changes: