Dichagyris (Yigoga) celsicola (Bellier, 1859)

South France, Larche-Gebiet

35 mm
Agrotide de Larche

Synonyms and other combinations

Agrotis celsicolaBellier, 1859
Yigoga celsicolaBellier, 1859

Known subspecies

SpeciesAuthorLocus typicus
Dichagyris (Yigoga) celsicola celcicolaBellier, 1859
Dichagyris (Yigoga) celsicola goateriFibiger & Moberg, 1990

Dichagyris (Yigoga) celsicola is a member of the clade Dichagyris forcipula

Dichagyris (Dichagyris) fidelis(Joannis, 1903)
Dichagyris (Dichagyris) nigrescens(Höfner, 1888)
Dichagyris (Yigoga) celsicola(Bellier, 1859)
Dichagyris (Yigoga) forcipula(Denis & Schiffermüller, 1775)
Dichagyris (Yigoga) gracilis(Wagner, 1929)
Dichagyris (Yigoga) insula(Fibiger, 1997)
Dichagyris (Yigoga) iranicola(Koçak, 1980)
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