Papilio (Papilio) alexanor Esper, 1800

Papilio alexanor is similar to Papilio machaon however, the basal third of the forewing is not entirely black, but bordered basally and distally by a broad black band. The bands are continued across the hindwing, bordering also here the yellow basal area. The larva is similar to that of P. machaon but more variegated, the red dots larger and brighter; it is easy to find, since the stalks of the plants on which it feeds become white, the epidermis being gnawed. Pupa stone-grey, very flat, with carinate sides and uneven surface; fastened on stones and resembling a small stone-splinter.

  • Limestone rocks
  • Sunny mountainsides
65 - 90 mm
Südlicher Schwalbenschwanz
Southern Swallowtail
Grand Sélésier
Južni lastin rep
Déli fecskefarkú
Zuidelijke koninginnenpage
Paź złocisty
Kaplan Kýrlangýçkuyruk
Πεταλούδα του Αλεξάνορα
Парусник Алексанор
Алексанор кґбелегі
זנב-סנונית מכבים

Primary host-plants

FamilyLatin nameVernacular name
ApiaceaeFerula communisGiant fennel
Opopanax chironiumSweet myrrh
Pastinaca sativaParsnip
Pimpinella saxifragaBurnet Saxifrage
Seseli montanum
Trinia glauca

Secondary host-plants

FamilyLatin nameVernacular name
ApiaceaeCarum carviCaraway

Synonyms and other combinations

Papilio polidamasPrunner, 1798

Known subspecies

SpeciesAuthorLocus typicus
Papilio (Papilio) alexanor alexanorEsper, 1800
Papilio (Papilio) alexanor destelensisNel & Chauliac, 1983
Papilio (Papilio) alexanor eitschbergeriBollino & Sala, 1992Greece, Samos Island, Manolates
Papilio (Papilio) alexanor hazarajaticaWyatt, 1961Afghanistan, W. Koh-i-Baba Mts., Joshanak Valley, S of Band-i-Amir
Papilio (Papilio) alexanor judaeusStaudinger, 1894
Papilio (Papilio) alexanor maccabaeusStaudinger, 1889
Papilio (Papilio) alexanor magnaVérity, 1911
Papilio (Papilio) alexanor orientalisRomanov, 1884
Papilio (Papilio) alexanor radighieriiSala & Bollino, 1991Italy, Piemonte, Valdieri (CN)
Papilio (Papilio) alexanor voldemarKreuzberg, 1989

Papilio (Papilio) alexanor is a member of the clade Papilio machaon

Papilio (Papilio) alexanorEsper, 1800
Papilio (Papilio) hospitonGéné, 1839
Papilio (Papilio) machaonLinnaeus, 1758
Papilio (Papilio) saharaeOberthür, 1879
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