Cucullia kasyi (Wiltshire, 1976)

South Iran, Rooden, near Bandar Abbas

Primary host-plants

FamilyLatin nameVernacular name
ScrophulariaceaeVerbascum omanense

Synonyms and other combinations

Shargacucullia kasyiWiltshire, 1976

Cucullia kasyi is a member of the clade Shargacucullia scrophulariae

Cucullia gozmanyi(G.Ronkay & L.Ronkay, 1994)
Cucullia kasyi(Wiltshire, 1976)
Cucullia lychnitis(Rambur, 1833)
Cucullia scrophulariae(Denis & Schiffermüller, 1775)
Cucullia scrophulariphila(Staudinger, 1859)
Shargacucullia (Shargacucullia) asadvartianiL. Ronkay , G. Ronkay & Behounek, 2011
Shargacucullia (Shargacucullia) asgharshirvaniiL. Ronkay , G. Ronkay & Behounek, 2011
Shargacucullia (Shargacucullia) osthelderi(Boursin, 1933)
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