Plebejus (Agriades) franklinii (Curtis, 1835)

Arctic America

Arctic Blue

Synonyms and other combinations

Agriades glandon frankliniiCurtis, 1835
Plebejus frankliniiCurtis, 1835

Plebejus (Agriades) franklinii is a member of the clade Agriades glandon

Plebejus (Agriades) aquilo(Boisduval, 1832)
Plebejus (Agriades) cassiope(J. Emmel & T. Emmel, 1998)
Plebejus (Agriades) franklinii(Curtis, 1835)
Plebejus (Agriades) glandon(de Prunner, 1798)
Plebejus (Agriades) podarce(C. & R. Felder, 1865)
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