Erynnis (Erynnis) mercurius (Dyar, 1926)

Mexico, Distrito Federal

28 mm
Mexican Duskywing

Synonyms and other combinations

Thanaos mercuriusDyar, 1926

Erynnis (Erynnis) mercurius is a member of the clade Erynnis juvenalis

Erynnis (Erynnides) horatius(Scudder & Burgess, 1870)
Erynnis (Erynnides) juvenalis(Fabricius, 1793)
Erynnis (Erynnides) meridianusBell, 1927
Erynnis (Erynnides) scudderi(Skinner, 1914)
Erynnis (Erynnides) telemachusBurns, 1960
Erynnis (Erynnides) tristis(Boisduval, 1852)
Erynnis (Erynnis) mercurius(Dyar, 1926)
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