Ectomis (Ectomis) metallescens (Mabille, 1888)

Brazil, Amazonas

Synonyms and other combinations

Polythrix metallescensMabille, 1888

Ectomis (Ectomis) metallescens is a member of the clade Polythrix octomaculata

Ectomis (Ectomis) auginus(Hewitson, 1867)
Ectomis (Ectomis) caunus(Herrich-Schäffer, 1869)
Ectomis (Ectomis) ceculus(Herrich-Schäffer, 1869)
Ectomis (Ectomis) eudoxus(Stoll, 1781)
Ectomis (Ectomis) kanshul(Shuey, 1991)
Ectomis (Ectomis) maizae(Hellebuyck, 1998)
Ectomis (Ectomis) metallescens(Mabille, 1888)
Ectomis (Ectomis) minvanes(Williams, 1926)
Ectomis (Ectomis) octomaculata(Sepp, [1844])
Adult, upperside.

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Ecuador, Puyo