Lycaena (Epidemia) nivalis (Boisduval, 1869)

USA, California, Sierra County, Gold Lake

25 - 35 mm
Lilac-bordered Copper
Nivalis Copper

Primary host-plants

FamilyLatin nameVernacular name
PolygalaceaePolygonum douglasiiDouglas's knotweed

Lycaena (Epidemia) nivalis is a member of the clade Lycaena epixanthe

Lycaena (Epidemia) dorcasKirby, 1837
Lycaena (Epidemia) dospassosiMcDunnough, 1940
Lycaena (Epidemia) epixanthe(Boisduval & LeConte, [1835])
Lycaena (Epidemia) helloides(Boisduval, 1852)
Lycaena (Epidemia) mariposa(Reakirt, 1866)
Lycaena (Epidemia) nivalis(Boisduval, 1869)
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