Euphyes dion (W.H. Edwards, 1879)

  • Glades
  • Marshes, bogs
  • Swamp edges
37 - 45 mm
Alabama Skipper
Dion Skipper

Primary host-plants

FamilyLatin nameVernacular name
CyperaceaeCarex lacustrisLake sedge
Scirpus cyperinusWoolgrass

Euphyes dion is a member of the clade Euphyes dion

Euphyes bayensisShuey, 1989
Euphyes berryi(E.L. Bell, 1941)
Euphyes conspicua(W.H. Edwards, 1863)
Euphyes dion(W.H. Edwards, 1879)
Euphyes dukesi(Lindsey, 1923)
Euphyes pilatka(W.H. Edwards, 1867)
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