Ectoedemia (Ectoedemia) heringi (Toll, 1934)

  • Gardens
  • Mixed forests
  • Orchards
  • Parks
5 - 6 mm
Oostelijke eikenblaasmijnmot
Drobník Heringov

Primary host-plants

FamilyLatin nameVernacular name
FagaceaeCastanea sativaSweet Chestnut
Quercus fagineaPortuguese Oak
Quercus macrolepisValonia oak
Quercus petraeaSessile Oak
Quercus pubescensDowny Oak
Quercus roburPedunculate oak

Synonyms and other combinations

Nepticula heringiToll, 1934
Nepticula sativellaKlimesch, 1936
Nepticula zimmermanniHering, 1942
Nepticula quercifoliaeToll, 1943

Ectoedemia (Ectoedemia) heringi is a member of the clade Ectoedemia subbimaculella

Ectoedemia (Ectoedemia) albifasciella(Heinemann, 1871)
Ectoedemia (Ectoedemia) algeriensisvan Nieukerken, 1985
Ectoedemia (Ectoedemia) alnifoliaevan Nieukerken, 1985
Ectoedemia (Ectoedemia) cerris(Zimmermann, 1944)
Ectoedemia (Ectoedemia) contortavan Nieukerken, 1985
Ectoedemia (Ectoedemia) coscojavan Nieukerken, A. & Z. Laštůvka, 2009
Ectoedemia (Ectoedemia) gilvipennella(Klimesch, 1946)
Ectoedemia (Ectoedemia) haraldi(Soffner, 1942)
Ectoedemia (Ectoedemia) heringella(Mariani, 1939)
Ectoedemia (Ectoedemia) heringi(Toll, 1934)
Ectoedemia (Ectoedemia) ilicis(Mendes, 1910)
Ectoedemia (Ectoedemia) leucothoraxvan Nieukerken, 1985
Ectoedemia (Ectoedemia) liechtensteini(Zimmermann, 1944)
Ectoedemia (Ectoedemia) phyllotomella(Klimesch, 1946)
Ectoedemia (Ectoedemia) pseudoilicisZ. & A. Laštůvka, 1998
Ectoedemia (Ectoedemia) pubescivora(Weber, 1937)
Ectoedemia (Ectoedemia) quinquella(Bedell, 1848)
Ectoedemia (Ectoedemia) rufifrontella(Caradja, 1920)
Ectoedemia (Ectoedemia) subbimaculella(Haworth, 1828)
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