Appias (Appias) ada (Stoll, [1781])

Males have a white dot near the apex. The hind wings also have black margins, however are coloured a pale yellow. The underside of both male and female forewings are white with a black costa, while hindwing undersides are yellow. In the female, the black sections of the underside are larger, and the apex of the forewing is more rounded.

50 - 58 mm
Orange Albatross
Rare Albatross

Known subspecies

SpeciesAuthorLocus typicus
Appias (Appias) ada adaStoll, 1781
Appias (Appias) ada ardensButler, 1898
Appias (Appias) ada cariaWaterhouse & Lyell, 1914
Appias (Appias) ada florentiaGrose-Smith, 1896
Appias (Appias) ada thasiaFruhstorfer, 1901
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