Parnassius (Driopa) eversmanni Ménétriés, [1850]

Russia, Krasnoyarsk Region, Kansk
Ground-colour yellow in male yellow or yellowish-white in female. Resembles in pattern very closely the female of Parnassius felderi: forewing grey at base and costal margin, and greyish glossy at distal margin; beyond the cell a curved discal band shaded with grey and a similar, sometimes less distinct, submarginal one. Abdominal area of hindwing dusted with black; a spot at anal angle, occasionally (especially often in female) prolonged to a short band; a more or less distinct undulate submarginal band; further, 2 red ocelli, the posterior one sometimes being all black on upperside or being wanting, remaining however distinct below; base of hindwing above spotted with red. Head and body yellow-haired.

  • Tundra
46 - 64 mm
Eversmann's Parnassian
Аполлон Эверсманна
Парусник Эверсмана

Primary host-plants

FamilyLatin nameVernacular name
Corydalis gigantea
Corydalis gorodkovii
Corydalis pauciflora

Synonyms and other combinations

Parnassius altaicusVérity, 1911
Parnassius laciniaHemming, 1934

Known subspecies

SpeciesAuthorLocus typicus
Parnassius (Driopa) eversmanni altaicaVérity, 1911Russia, Altai, Tchuja Mts
Parnassius (Driopa) eversmanni daisetsuzanusMatsumura, 1926
Parnassius (Driopa) eversmanni eversmanniMénétriés, 1855
Parnassius (Driopa) eversmanni gornyiensisWatanabe, 1998Russia, Khabarovskij, Gorniy
Parnassius (Driopa) eversmanni lautusOhya, 1988Russia, Yakutia, Suntar Chayata Ridge, Verchoyansk Mts.
Parnassius (Driopa) eversmanni magadanaWeiss, 1971Russia, Magadansk, Kolimskii Ridge, Kegali River
Parnassius (Driopa) eversmanni nishiyamaiOhya & Fujioka, 1997China, Nizhne Ulugishi, Djin Range, Da Hinggan Ling, Heilong Jian
Parnassius (Driopa) eversmanni polariusSchulte, 1991Russia, Tschukotka Halbinsel, Providenia
Parnassius (Driopa) eversmanni sarymsaktyensisY. Sorimachi, 1999East Kazakhstan, Sarym-Sakty Mts., Upper Sarym-Sakty River
Parnassius (Driopa) eversmanni sasaiO.Bang-Haas, 1937
Parnassius (Driopa) eversmanni vosnessenskiMénétriés, 1850
Parnassius (Driopa) eversmanni vysokogornyiensisWatanabe, 1998Russia, Khabarovsk territory, Vysokogornyi
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