Graphium (Pathysa) aristeus (Stoll, [1780])

The fore wings are yellowish. The outer part of the wing is darkbrown and contains a thin yellow strip. Four darkbrown stripes dominate the wing. Next to the body there is a darkbrown area. The underside of Graphium aristeus is very similar to the upside. The hind wings of Graphium aristeus are yellowish and they have long tails. The edge is wavy. The outer part of the wing is darkbrown and contains a chain of yellow spots. The inner edge is darkbrown. In the middle of the wing there is a darkbrown strip. The underside is very similar to the upside. But, a chain of red spots dominates the wing. The body (abdomen) is black. The thorax and the head are also black. The underside of all parts is yellow.

60 - 70 mm
Chain Swordtail

Synonyms and other combinations

Arisbe aristeusStoll, 1780

Known subspecies

SpeciesAuthorLocus typicus
Graphium (Pathysa) aristeus anticratesDoubleday, 1846
Graphium (Pathysa) aristeus aristeusStoll, 1780
Graphium (Pathysa) aristeus hainanensisI. Chou & M.B. Gu, 1994
Graphium (Pathysa) aristeus hermocratesFelder & Felder, 1865
Graphium (Pathysa) aristeus parmatusGray, 1853
Graphium (Pathysa) aristeus paronGodman & Salvin, 1879Papua New Guines, New Britain, New Ireland

Graphium (Pathysa) aristeus is a member of the clade Graphium antiphates

Graphium (Pathysa) agetes(Westwood, 1843)
Graphium (Pathysa) androcles(Boisduval, 1836)
Graphium (Pathysa) antiphates(Cramer, 1775)
Graphium (Pathysa) aristeus(Stoll, [1780])
Graphium (Pathysa) decolor(Staudinger, 1888)
Graphium (Pathysa) dorcusde Haan, 1840
Graphium (Pathysa) epaminondas(Oberthür, 1879)
Graphium (Pathysa) euphrates(C. & R. Felder, 1862)
Graphium (Pathysa) euphratoidesEimer, 1889
Graphium (Pathysa) nomius(Esper, 1796)
Graphium (Pathysa) rhesus(Boisduval, 1836)
Graphium (Pathysa) stratiotes(Grose-Smith, 1897)
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