Phengaris nausithous (Bergsträsser, 1779)

Germany, Hanau-Munzberg
Male similar to Phengaris teleius, but the female quite black-brown above; particularly recognizable by the underside being coffee-brown and bearing only one row of ocelli, ab. minor Frey are small specimens from Switzerland. In ab. inocellata Sohn the ocelli of the underside are reduced, in ab. lycaonius Schultz they are entirely absent. In the male ab. lucida Geest the forewing above has the blue lighter and more extended and the black discal spots reduced or obsolete.
Throughout Central Europe, from Alsatia to the Ural, Caucasus and Armenia, and from Pommerania and the Lower Rhine to Italy.

  • Carbonate bogs
  • Fens
  • Marshes, bogs
  • Peaty meadows
35 - 37 mm
Modrásek bahenní
Dunkler Wiesenknopf-Ameisenbläul
Dusky Large Blue
Hormiguera Oscura
Azuré des Paluds
Zagasiti livadni plavac
Donker pimpernelblauwtje
Modraszek nausitous
Modráčik bahniskový
Temni mravljiščar
Esmer Korubeni
Черноватая голубянка
Голубянка навзитой
Голубянка черноватая

Primary host-plants

FamilyLatin nameVernacular name
RosaceaeSanguisorba officinalisGreat Burnet

Synonyms and other combinations

Maculinea arcasRottemburg, 1775
Maculinea nausithousBergsträsser, 1779
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