Graphium (Graphium) sarpedon (Linnaeus, 1758)

[China, Canton]
Upperside opaque black. Fore and hind wings crossed from above the tornal area on tho hind to near the apex of the fore wing by a semi-hyaline broad pale blue medial band which is broadest in the middle, more or less greenish and macular anteriorly; the portion of the band that crosses interspaces 6, 7 and 8 on the hind wing white; beyond the band on the hind wing there is a sub-terminal line of blue slender lunules.
Underside similar, ground-colour dark brown.
Hind wing: a short comparatively broad sub-basal band from costa to sub-costal vein, and the postdiscal area between the medial blue band and the sub-terminal lunules velvety black traversed by the pale veins and transversely, except in interspaces 6 and 7, by narrow crimson lines; lastly, a crimson spot near the tornal angle with an admarginal yellowish-white spot below it.
Antenna, head, thorax and abdomen brown, the head and thorax suffused with greenish grey; beneath: the palpi, thorax and abdomen touched with dingy white, the abdomen with two whitish lateral lines.

  • Tropical rainforest
55 - 90 mm
Blue Triangle
Common Bluebottle
سه‌گوش نیلی

Primary host-plants

FamilyLatin nameVernacular name
Cryptocarya amygdalina

Known subspecies

SpeciesAuthorLocus typicus
Graphium (Graphium) sarpedon choredonC. & R. Felder, 1864
Graphium (Graphium) sarpedon colusFruhstorfer, 1907Philippines, Palawan
Graphium (Graphium) sarpedon connectensFruhstorfer, 1906
Graphium (Graphium) sarpedon imparRothschild, 1895
Graphium (Graphium) sarpedon imparilisRothschild, 1895
Graphium (Graphium) sarpedon islanderMonastyrskii, 2012Vietnam, Ba Ria-Vung Tau Province, Con Son Island, Con Dao National Park, Thanh Gia top
Graphium (Graphium) sarpedon luctatiusFruhstorfer, 1907
Graphium (Graphium) sarpedon messogisFruhstorfer, 1907
Graphium (Graphium) sarpedon nipponumFruhstorfer, 1903
Graphium (Graphium) sarpedon pagusFruhstorfer, 1907Philippines
Graphium (Graphium) sarpedon sarpedonLinnaeus, 1758
Graphium (Graphium) sarpedon sirkariPage & Treadaway, 2013
Graphium (Graphium) sarpedon teredonFelder & Felder, 1864
Graphium (Graphium) sarpedon wetterensisK. Okano, 1993Indonesia, Lesser Sunda Islands, Wetter Island

Graphium (Graphium) sarpedon is a member of the clade Graphium codrus

Graphium (Graphium) cloanthus(Westwood, 1841)
Graphium (Graphium) codrus(Cramer, 1777)
Graphium (Graphium) empedovana(Corbet, 1941)
Graphium (Graphium) gelonBoisduval, 1859
Graphium (Graphium) macleayanus(Leach, 1814)
Graphium (Graphium) mendanaGodman & Salvin, 1888
Graphium (Graphium) monticolusFruhstorfer, 1896
Graphium (Graphium) sarpedon(Linnaeus, 1758)
Graphium (Graphium) stresemanniRothschild, 1916
Graphium (Graphium) weiskei(Ribbe, 1900)
Adult, underside.

© Albert Lau
China, 香港
Adult, underside.

© Albert Lau
China, 香港
Adult, underside.

© Tetsuya Shimizu
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